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It’s worth exploring off-the-beaten-track Portugal, and that’s what often makes train travel a journey all its own.

Portugal trains might not enjoy the best reputation, but well deserve a second look. Though its network has historically not developed as fast as its European counterparts, Portugal (like its neighbor Spain) has recently launched state-of-the-art services on the main line linking Lisbon to Faro in the south (Algarve) and Portoin the north.

Just under three hours away from Lisbon, and with modern high-speed Alfa Pendular peak trains running every hour, Porto is ideal for a day trip. As a matter of fact, the Sao Bento station is a destination in itself : its interior is decorated with 20,000 azulejos (blue-painted ceramic tiles). The panels, painted from 1905-1916, depict the city’s history. And, it’s conveniently located in the rua dos Clerigos, one of the most beautiful streets of this ancient district, and just a few minutes walk from Torre dos Clerigos, a 220-foot high bell-tower built in the 18th century.

It’s also worth exploring off-the-beaten-track Portugal, and that’s what often makes train travel a journey all its own. Apart from the Alfa Pendular, Portuguese trains are relatively slow but offer a good level of comfort. Morever, they provide a unique opportunity to experience a true luxury – taking time to watch the landscape pass by, while getting to know your fellow travelers. Most Portuguese speak several languages (the elderly tend to speak French, younger generations all speak English), so conversation is easy. But, if a lunch-time snooze seems more your style, by all means. The trains are quiet and folks very much respect each other’s wishes.

For more information on Portugal contact the Portugal Tourist Board.

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  • Value for money
    Comfortable and scenic trip |
    "I enjoyed the train journey. The seats were comfortable, though I felt the sheets over the seats were not washed since quite some time. Also, it was difficult to figure out the coach number. Apart from this, the experience was good. "

  • Value for money
    Unfriendly Staff |
    "We had a good trip. The only exception was the unfriendly conduct of the staff on the train. The lady handed out newspapers. We sat next to an Australian couple. They asked if she had an English newspaper. She treated them with utter disdain and would not even aswer them. When she returned later with the food and drinks trolley, she skipped us and would not offer anything to eat or drink Gert Jordaan "

  • Value for money
    Como to Lugano |
    "This was only a short journey from Italy into Switzerland but all went well with both the booking and the ride. "

  • Value for money
    Toulouse to Nice |
    "Great value and nice trip although we arrived in Nice 1.5 hours later than scheduled. "

  • Convenience
    Our train ride to Madrid |
    "I travelled from Seville to Madrid on the AVE train on Oct. 4, 2016, and it was a pleasant ride. The scenery was breathtaking, the seats were comfortable and there we even watched a movie on board. The only downside is that there was no wifi on the train. I wouldn't hesitate to ride the AVE train again. "

  • Convenience
    Signage at Madrid Train Statio |
    "Signage in main train station very poor when arriving by train from airport. "

  • Trip Review |
    "Comfortable ride ! Boarding was confusing as a first time user with 4 trains on the same siding and same departure time. Wi Fi availability would have been nice. "

  • Value for money
    Difficult to confirm seats |
    "If you have booked your tickets online, make sure that you go to a Portuguese train station BEFORE the day of your travel to lock in your set seats. These will not have been allocated to you when you booked online, and it is best not to leave it to the day that you travel. Other than that, the trip was very comfortable and easy. "

  • Value for money
    Good Budget Travel Option |
    "Travel by Swiss Rail is a Good Budget Travel Option. I traveled with Family. It was a better option then Car, as it Budget friendly. But be careful if you are traveling just after landing with lots of luggage, as it becomes very difficult to do so. Good way to see the country side without stopping or when you are time bound. Excellent connectivity. Good comfort "

  • Value for money
    Good trip but... |
    "Problem of seat reservation No family space Delay of 30 minutes "

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