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Belgrade - Sofia
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Train Belgrade → Sofia

Duration 9h23 - From $67

Belgrade - Sofia

The average travel time between Belgrade and Sofia is 9h23 minutes. The quickest route is 9h23 minutes. The first train leaving Belgrade is at 21:50, the last at . There is an average of 1 trains a day between Belgrade and Sofia, leaving approximately every -2J 13h minutes.
  • Departure station : Beograd (Savski trg 2 11000 Belgrade)
  • Arrival station : Sofija ( )
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About this journey

Home to the new Bohemians

Home to the new Bohemians Belgrade (known locally as Beograd), the "White City," has been demolished and rebuilt nearly 40 times in its history. How can a city endure such conflict and still survive ? The answer is in the resilient Serbian people. This is an amazing country, loaded with more than museums and churches – although you will find plenty of them. This is a place where people gather to eat, talk, fish and feel fancy-free. Serbia isn't the land of high-tech, high-speed trains. But the ride is pleasant and comfortable, with scenery to behold and locals to banter with. It will take a bit over six hours from Zagreb, Croatia. Nearly nine from Skopje, Macedonia. With a Balkan Flexipass you can visit this area that truly is the cradle of European civilization. Learn more about Belgrade

A beautiful name for an unheralded city

A beautiful name for an unheralded city Visiting Sofia, Bulgaria takes a commitment if you're traveling from a "touristy" country. From Rome, you can take the train to Bari, a ferry to Patras, Greece, a transfer to Athens and then about 13-hours via trains up from Athens. Or how about a 22-hour overnight train from Vienna ? This isn't to put you off. In fact, traveling to this Balkan gem is the perfect opportunity to really get to know train travel in Europe. This is still a much less expensive region to travel through – cheaper than the rest of Western Europe. There is more than a currency difference here. Try and ask a Bulgarian conductor, "Is this the train to Sofia ?" and be answered with a shake of the head. "No" means "Yes." A nod means "no." Then there's the Cyrillic alphabet. Most signs still use it despite a thrust toward westernization. An Internet study-up beforehand couldn't hurt. Learn more about Sofia


From $67

Belgrade -> Sofia

  Dep. Arr. Duration Change(s) MO TU WE TH FR SA SU
N°: 293
21:50 08:13 09:23 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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